In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, who is a better match for Juliet, Romeo or Paris?

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While it's true that County Paris might be a better match in general, I'm not convinced he is actually a better match for Juliet than Romeo is. Paris is significantly older than Juliet, which would have been less of a concern for people during this era, but even Lord Capulet, her father, has some initial concerns about her youth. This is why he asks Paris to wait two more years before asking for her hand again. Romeo, on the other hand, seems to be much closer to Juliet in age. Further, he and Juliet seem to have something in common: passionate personalities that dive in headfirst. They might seem impulsive, even reckless, but they are both impulsive and reckless. In this sense, then, Romeo might not be the smartest partner for Juliet, as neither one thinks to put on the brakes once they have an idea, but he is likely the better match for her. What could Juliet and Paris possibly have to talk about? Moreover, Romeo is the one Juliet loves ; she doesn't love Paris. For this reason alone, Romeo could...

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