Who was Benjamin Franklin?

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.  He was a man who played a number of different roles.  He was, at different times, a printer, a scientist, a diplomat, an inventor, and a writer.

Franklin is famous for a number of reasons.  Among them are:

  • He is the author of Poor Richard's Almanack.  It is a compendium of, among other things, many aphorisms regarding Franklin's philosophy.  It gives his ideas about things like how to live a good and prosperous life.
  • He was a scientist who did experiments with lightning and electricity.
  • He was an inventor who invented a better stove for heating houses.
  • He was a diplomat who was important in getting France to help the colonies in the Revolutionary War.

As these varied accomplishments show, Franklin was a man "of many parts."

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