In Hoot, who is the barefooted boy that Roy chases through the golf course?

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This boy is Beatrice's brother. We are given the nickname "Mullet Fingers" early in the book.  But we just barely learn the boy's real name toward the end of the book. Napoleon Bridger is a name that is easily forgotten and that simply does not go with the personality of "Mullet Fingers" that we have learned as we read the book.

Mullet Fingers is one of the central characters in Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. Mullet Fingers is a homeless juvenile who lives within 5 miles of his family home in an abandoned delivery truck most of the time. He is comfortable living off the land and has a mission: to protect the burrowing owls from being buldozed to make room for a new pancake house on the corner lot.

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His nick name is Mullet Fingers but his real name is Nepolean Bridger.