Who is the author of the Richard Ford biography, "Independence Day?"

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Your question is somewhat confusing. Richard Ford wrote the novel "Independence Day." He was the first author with a novel to win both the Pulitzer Prize and the Pen/Faulkner Award. This novel was received very well by all the critics in America and inspired this quote in an interview, "writing is the only thing I've ever done with persistence, except for being married."

This novel is a sequel to his book “The Sportswriter.” Both books included the character of Frank Bascombe. Frank has a lot of issues and is really mixed up. In "Independence Day,” Frank is a real estate agent. He is attempting to re-build a relationship with his family. His children live with his ex-wife. Bascombe is taking his troubled son on a road trip for bonding and guidance. We meet Frank’s girlfriend as well as his brother who he hasn’t seen in years. We also meet his shoplifting son, 15 year-old Paul, who is injured by a baseball. Frank and his story come full circle at the end of this novel.

“Against a background of Independence Day, the novel sets out to explore the nature of human independence. What is independence? How is it achieved? Is there a price to be paid for it? How does independence relate to community and commitment and service to others?”

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