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The author of The Hunger Gamesis named Suzanne Collins.  Prior to writing The Hunger Games series, she wrote for many children's television shows on the Nickelodian channel.  These include the very popular Clarissa Explains It All.  She was also the head writer for Scholastic Entertainment's Clifford's Puppy Days.

As she moved from television and children's books into young adult novels, The Hunger Games series was born.  It is by far her most successful endeavor to date.  It was born late one night, while Collins was watching television.  She was flipping through channels, and noticed similarities between reality television shows (produced to entertain the masses) and coverage of the Iraq war.  She noticed that, at times, coverage of the war was almost used to entertain the masses in reality television fashion (interviews with soldiers and their families, "on-site" programming, and daily updates of the death toll).  She wondered if it was all too much.  Too much programming, too much entertainment.  She wondered if we, as a society, are becoming desensitized to war.  The story of the people living in Panem, The Games themselves, the Capitol, and President Snow all stemmed from this idea of war and death as entertainment.

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The author of the amazing Hunger Games is Suzanne Collins. Her Hunger Games series won awards and was also made into movies, with the Mockingjay coming out soon as a movie with two parts. 

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Suzanne Collins is the author of the Hunger Games. She is best known for the Hunger Games series and the Underland Chronicles. She has also won awards for her books especially in the Hunger Games series and because of this, it was able to turn into a movie series adaption. 

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