Who attended Gatsby's parties in The Great Gatsby?I believe there is a list of who came to the parties.  I need to know who attended the parties throughout the book.

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Nick provides a long list of party attenders at one point, including:

the Fishguards, the Snells, the Dancies, S. B. Whitebait, Maurice Flink, the Hammerheads ... the Poles, the Mulreadys, Cecil Roebuck, Cicil Schoen, Gulick, Newton Orchid, Eckhaust, Clyde Choen, Don Schwartze, Arthur McCarty, the Catlips, the Bembergs, Muldoon, Da Fontano, Ed Legros ...

While most of the names do not sound at all prestigious, we do know that some important people occasionally come, including a film producer and a state senator. Names of the people who attend the parties who actually play a role in the novel include the Owl-eyed man and Klipspringer, as well Jordan Baker.

Two points can be made about the guests. First, Gatsby opens his door to everyone indiscriminately and so pulls in a vast array of guests from all walks of life. The parties can be seen as a manifestation of American democracy, a melting pot of all sorts of people. This diversity helps give the parties their energy. Second, however, the...

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