Who assisted Telemachus in obtaining a ship and crew in "The Odyssey"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Athene, taking on the appearance of Telemachus himself, helps him obtain a ship and crew.  She first traverses the town, going to each of the crewmen one by one and instructing them to meet at the ship at sundown.  She then approaches Noemon, son of Phronius, and asks him for a ship, and he complies.  Athene then efficiently "(gets) the ship into the water, put(s) the tackle on board her that ships generally carry, and station(s) her at the end of the harbor".  At nightfall, when the crewmen arrive, she personally encourages each of them for the journey they are about to undertake.

Athene also goes to the house of Odysseus, and, by "fuddling" their drinks, causes the suitors who are causing havoc there to drop their cups and return to the town to sleep, "their eyes heavy and full of drowsiness".  Taking on the form of Mentor at this point, Athene tells Telemachus that a ship is waiting with a crew at the oars, ready to follow his orders, and leads the way to the harbor, with Telemachus "follow(ing) in her steps" (Book II).