Who asked Miss Maudie to marry Christmas in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Jack is trying to “get her goat” or in other words get the best of her.  Jack and Maudie have known each other for most of each other’s lives and Jack enjoys attempting to embarrass her. The act of shouting the proposal loud enough so the whole town can hear is an attempt to make her face red with embarrassment. However, Maudie immediately realizes this as a joke and does not allow Jack to get the best of her. She seems to enjoys this joking banter. The relationship/friendship between Maudie and Jack is just another of example of how everyone in Maycomb knows everyone.

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Miss Maudie was regularly asked to marry Uncle Jack. Once a year, when Jack came to town, he would shout across the way a proposal for her to answer.

It would probably shock him if she ever said yes, this seemed to be a playful tradition between the two of them. It may be that Jack understood the familiar relationship Miss Maudie had with the Finch family and that could have been a great match had there been real attraction there, but they were certainly by this point both getting along in their years.

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