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Ariana Grande is a currently twenty-two year-old (her birthday is June 26th, 1993) American singer of Italian descent who decided to seriously pursue a musical career at age thirteen. Grande made her Broadway debut in 2008 with a supporting role in 13 (a musical by Jason Robert Brown, Dan Elish, and Robert Horn) as Charlotte, a cheerleader. This platform launched her into an audition for Victorious, a television show on Nickelodeon; Grande landed the role of Cat Valentine, and the show went on to shape Grande into a "teen idol."

During this time, Grande continued her vocal training under the tutelage of Eric Vetro and recorded many covers. After three years of hard work, her first album, Yours Truly, was released in August of 2013, debuting as Number One on the US Billboard 200 chart. She has since gone on to release two more albums: My Everything (2014) and Dangerous Woman (2016). 

Grande lists Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, Brandy Norwood, Amy Winehouse, and many other powerful female artists as influential in the development of her work.

Although she has largely maintained her "good girl" image, Grande was placed under a great deal of scrutiny after being caught licking doughnuts in a shop and commenting on how much she hates America in 2015. This extremely odd behavior was initially chalked up as commentary on the prevalence of obesity in America. Grande later apologized, and the scandal has since died down. 

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