The Prisoner of Zenda

by Anthony Hope Hawkins

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Who are "The Six" in The Prisoner of Zenda and what part do they play?

Expert Answers

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"The Six" are six noblemen loyal to Michael, the half brother of the King who is plotting to take the throne for himself. The Six consist of three Ruritanians and three foreigners, and are powerful adversaries. Rudolph swears an oath that he will kill all of them. Three of the Six guard the king, who has been imprisoned, and have been entrusted with a plot for killing the King and secretly disposing of his body, should an attempt be made to rescue him. Rudolph manages to kill two of the Six, Bersonin and Detchard, in a deadly sword fight. The absolute loyalty of the Six, their cunning and prowess, make the essential characters in the novel, and much of the plot is devoted to overcoming them.

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