Who are the OBGs in The Other Black Girl?

In The Other Black Girl, the OBGs are the “Other Black Girls,” Black women who seem to have everything going for them but are actually mere pawns of the white system. The OBGs sabotage other Black women to make them give up their Black identities.

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In The Other Black Girl, the OBGs are the “Other Black Girls.” They are professional Black women who actually try to destroy the careers of other Black women as part of a white supremacist agenda designed to keep white people in positions of power.

The Other Black Girls seem like model women. They have everything. They are successful and well-off. But they have rejected their Black identity and solidarity. They have turned their backs on their heritage and their race. What's more, they want to control other Black woman and turn them into carbon copies of themselves, women who change their ideas and behavior according to the expectations of the white world.

In the novel, Hazel is one of the OBGs, and she tries to get Nella to be just like her. She uses a hair grease to do so, much like the one that was used on Kendra Rae years before. This hair grease is used to affect women's bodies and minds and allows the OBGs to control them. Nella is, unfortunately, drawn into the plot. She cannot embrace her Black identity, and she gives in to the OBG agenda, becoming an agent herself, out to sabotage other Black women and make them into cogs in the white machine.

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