Who are the main characters in The Spy?

The main character of The Spy is Harvey Birch, the protagonist, who spies for the American Revolutionaries. Other important characters are Mr. Wharton, who sides with the British; his son Henry, a captain in the British army; and his daughters Sarah and Frances. Henry’s superior officer, Colonel Wellmere, is romantically interested in Sarah, while another British officer, Major Dunwoodie, is involved with Frances. A mysterious stranger, Mr. Harper, turns out to be George Washington in disguise.

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The plot of James Fennimore Cooper’s novel The Spy, which takes place during the American Revolution, revolves around the identities and disguises of several men who might be loyal to their cause or secretly helping the other side.

The titular spy is the novel’s protagonist , Harvey Birch, who is a peddler. Much of the action takes place at the home of Birch’s neighbor Mr. Wharton, who is a British sympathizer. His two daughters, Sarah and Frances, live with their father and his sister. His son Henry, a captain in the British army, is mistakenly...

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