Who are the main characters in Skellig? Give a brief description of their significance in the text.

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Skellig, written by David Almond, is a work of children's literature that was published in 1998. It tells the story of ten-year-old Michael who, after moving into a rundown house with his parents, finds a strange man living in his garage. There are three main characters in the story: Skellig, Michael, and Mina.

Skellig is found by Michael living in the garage of his new home. He suffers from arthritis, appears to be homeless, and is surviving only by eating flies. Although Almond never reveals what Skellig is, Michael and Mina discover that he has wings, suggesting he may be an angel. After being cared for by Michael and Mina, Skellig thanks them by helping Michael's critically ill sister, Joy.

Michael, ten-years-old, is the main protagonist in the story. He and his parents have just moved into a rundown house. His sister, Joy, is born prematurely and with a heart condition. He is a serious and anxious boy. However, he is also very kind and, when he finds Skellig in the...

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