Who are the characters in "Waiting for a Turn" by Ken Lipenga?

The characters in "Waiting for a Turn" by Ken Lipenga are the unnamed narrator, his wife, his grandma, the two captors, and the hunchback.

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The characters in "Waiting for a Turn" by Ken Lipenga don't have names. Even though they lack proper names, the characters are important. The unnamed narrator, the main character, propels the action of the story. His violent demeanor leads to the destruction of his tailoring shop, which sends him on a spiritual journey.

The hunchback is a second key character. The hunchback is an excellent tailor. He can transform a piece of cloth into a perfect pair of trousers in under an hour. Unfortunately, the hunchback gets on the narrator's bad side when he asks to live in the shop. The narrator doesn't want the hunchback to make his home in the tailoring shop. The hunchback moves into the shop (along with his two wives and thirteen kids) anyway and winds up being brutally beaten by the narrator. The hunchback comes across as a somewhat puzzling character. One might wonder why the hunchback moved into the shop when the narrator told him that he couldn’t live there.

Another character is the narrator's wife. The narrator's wife is abused by her husband. The wife doesn't appear to be a character who tolerates mistreatment. She leaves the belligerent narrator and takes their children with her.

Other characters include the narrator's grandma and his two captors. These characters relate to the narrator's spiritual explorations.

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