La Belle Zoraïde Questions and Answers
by Kate Chopin

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Who are the characters in La Belle Zoraïde by Kate Chopin? This is a study guide question posted by eNotes Editorial. Please write a separate paragraph of analysis for each key character you discuss.

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Manna Loulou

Manna Loulou is an old enslaved woman who works for a white mistress. She tells the story of la belle Zoraïde to her mistress in order to help the woman fall asleep in the intense heat of the bayou in southern Louisiana. She seems devoted to her mistress, as she has bathed the woman's white feet and "kissed them lovingly" before putting her to bed.

Madame Delisle

Manna Loulou's mistress's name is Madame Delisle. She only wants to hear true stories, not ones which have been made up, but, in the end, she fails to feel any sympathy for la belle Zoraïde. She feels for the little child who will grow up without the love of a mother and father, but she says nothing of the tragic fate of the girl's mother. This may lead readers to conclude that she is as racist as Zoraïde's own mistress and only views slaves as possessions rather than people with real feelings.

La belle Zoraïde

La belle Zoraïde is a...

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