There Will Come Soft Rains Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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Who are the antagonists?

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If the story's protagonist is the house, then the antagonist is going to be anything that seeks to destroy the house. The most concrete answer, then, is that the fire is the antagonist. The house furiously tries to defend itself against the fire, and the battle is portrayed in a way that really makes it seem like two conscious entities pitted against each other in a life-and-death battle. Another possible antagonist is nature. The humans are gone; therefore, nobody is able to keep nature's continual process of succession from happening. Even without the fire, the house would eventually be consumed by weeds and other kinds of growth as nature seeks to rebuild itself back to what it was before humans cleared the land for the house in the first place. A third possible antagonist would be the concept of entropy. Entropy is a measure of disorder, and the house is desperately struggling against disorder and decay. The house does not win that fight, so entropy is the antagonist that wins the fight. A final possibility is that the antagonist is technology in general. The house is loaded with advanced technology; however, it was the technology of the nuclear bomb that caused all of the trouble in the first place.

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