Who are important people from the suffrage movement, and what did they do?

Important people from the suffrage movement in America are Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul. Emily Wilding Davison was an important figure in the movement in the United Kingdom.

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The suffrage movement refers to women's fight to gain the right to vote. It took place in America and in Europe starting slowly in the nineteenth century and culminating in the early twentieth century. In America, the suffrage movement gained its biggest success with the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, which finally gave women the right to vote.

One important person is Elizabeth Cady Stanton, as she was the first president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, which was formed in 1890. Stanton was a key driver in women's quest to receive the right to vote and to be treated equally to men.

Another important person to mention is Alice Paul, who led several demonstrations demanding equal rights for women that even led to her imprisonment. However, even imprisonment did not stop her, as she continued fighting for her cause by embarking on hunger strikes, for example.

In terms of the suffrage movement in Europe, the movement was particularly strong in the United Kingdom. Here, Emily Wilding Davison should definitely be mentioned: she died after having been run over by the king's horse in 1913. She had stepped onto the racetrack at Epsom Derby in order to fight for women's rights, which led to her death. She has since been known as a martyr of the suffrage movement, as she was the only person that actually died for this cause.

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