Who are four characters in chapter 1 of Adam of the Road?

In chapter 1 of Elizabeth Janet Gray's Adam of the Road, we meet four primary characters, Adam, Roger, Perkin, and Nick. Adam Quartermayne is the main character. Roger is Adam's missing minstrel father. Perkin is Adam's friend. Lastly, Nick is Adam's faithful dog.

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In chapter 1 of Elizabeth Janet Gray's historical novel Adam of the Road, we meet some of the main characters. One character you find out about is the main character, Adam. You find out that Adam's last name is Quartermayne. You also find out that it's June and that Adam Quartermayne is in the midst of searching for his dad. His dad has been gone since Easter.

That brings me to another character that I can tell you about: Adam's dad. Adam's dad has a name, of course, and that name is Roger. Roger is a minstrel. Based on Gray's description, you might be able to deduce that a minstrel is someone who can play music and recite poems. They're like a performer. Gray lets it be known that Roger was no ordinary minstrel. He could "chant long romances in French."

A third character that you probably read about in chapter one is Perkin. Perkin is Adam's friend. He's one year older than Adam. Perkin does not want to be like his plowman father but plans to study law at Oxford University.

A fourth character is an animal, but I suppose animals can be characters as well. I'm talking about Adam's loyal dog, Nick. Nick is a red spaniel. His tail is constantly wagging. He's been by Adam's side since he was a puppy.

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