The Chocolate War

by Robert Cormier

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Who does Archie mean when he says, "I'll check with them"?

Expert Answers

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Brother Leon needs the help of Archie and the other members of The Vigils to sell the extra boxes of chocolates that have been ordered for the school fundraiser. Immediately, the cunning Archie senses the power this gives him. Brother Leon knows that if anything needs to happen at school, then The Vigils must somehow be involved; for all intents and purposes, The Vigils are the school. And, as Archie is the most prominent member of The Vigils, he is the go-to guy when Brother Leon needs a favor.

Archie revels in his newfound power, making Brother Leon sweat over whether or not he and the other Vigils will help him sell the excess chocolate boxes. When Leon asks him if he'll help, Archie replies, "I'll check with them," meaning the other Vigils. But he's just toying with the assistant headmaster, and he strings things out for what seems like an eternity before he finally tells a mightily relieved Leon that The Vigils will indeed help.

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