Who appears to be more evil? Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? Justify.

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There will be divergent answers to this question.  An equally strong case can be made for each.  I think that Macbeth proves to be more evil than Lady Macbeth.  While she plays a very devious role as inspiring him to commit the deeds of murder, in the final analysis, Macbeth is the one to commit these acts.  At the same time, while Lady Macbeth does display some level of regret, guilt, or remorse about her actions, Macbeth plunges into a deeper moral abyss with his actions and the depravity they represent.  Both characters can fit the label of being evil with their actions and thoughts, but in my mind, I think that Macbeth is marginally more evil than his wife.

This question concerning who is more evil, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth, has been well covered by other editors above, but since the question is still open I'll add just a little piece of evidence that hasn't been dealt with yet. 

One piece of evidence that suggests Macbeth is the evil one is the fact that Lady Macbeth has the...

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