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In this play, Antonio is a relatively minor character who is tied in to the major characters.

One of the major characters is Hero, the very wonderful young woman who will be falsely accused of being unfaithful to her fiance.  Antonio is her uncle.  He is the brother of her father, Leonato, who is the governor of Messina on Sicily.

Antonio is very close to his brother and very loyal to him.  This is a big contrast with the relationship between Don John and his brother Don Pedro.  Antonio gives his brother information he needs while Don John goes around trying to figure out ways to hurt his brother.

little-alice | Student

Antonio is the father of one of the main characters In Much Ado About Nothing his daughter; Beatrice is one of the lovers that "falls in love" her cousin; Hero, is another girl who "falls in love" while Antonio is a very minor character he does advice his female relatives from time to time.

Antonio, as you may say, is possibly Leonato's most wise consultant for Leonato is the govener of fair Messina.

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