Who are the antagonist and potagonist in "The Sea-Wolf"?

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"Humphrey van Weyden and Wolf Larsen of "The Sea-Wolf"are complementary opposites." Humphrey van Weyden is the protagonist in this novel by Jack London.  He is a bookish, non-physical man who has high standards and high morals.  Wolf Larsen is the antagonist.  He is mean hateful and seems unable to feel compassion for any human being other than himself.   Wolf Larsen rescues Weyden after a ship-wreck and then proceeds to push him into forced labor.  The story is the struggle of Weyden to try and escape from the tyranny of Larsen and his relationship with Maud Brewster. 

Weyden not only becomes a more "manly man, he falls in love with Ms. Brewster and becomes her "knight in shining armor."

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