The Jewelry (or The False Gems)

by Guy de Maupassant

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Who is the antagonist in "False Gems" by Guy De Maupassant?

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Mrs. Lantin was loved deeply by her husband, and although she was a dutiful wife, she was also dishonest, selfish, and disloyal.  While he worked hard all day and came home each night, she insisted on going out to the theater and going to social functions.  She would spend hours in the evening admiring her beautiful jewels.  It was not until after her untimely death that Mr. Lantin discovered that the jewels he believed to be fake were real and worth a great deal of money.  The only way she could have obtained these jewels was through receiving them as gifts from other men or purchasing them herself with money from other men. It ws this realization that caused him to collapse in the street and go home and cry all night. This makes her an antagonist to the protagonist Mr. Lantin.  Her selfishness actually contributed to her death and his misery.   

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