Who is an example of a well-known elite coach from Australia?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Australia has had its share of successful and elite coaches.  This past week, Norma Plummer retired after her run as one of the most successful Netball coaches in Australian history.  With a winning percent of 75%, she stands as an elite coach.  Australian rugby views Ewen McKenzie as one of its most respected coaches. McKenzie took the Queensland Reds, a team known for futility and coaching turnover, to unprecedented heights of success.  Playing a more open and offensively intense style of play, McKenzie established himself as a elite coach in his ability to transform a team culture from losing to winning.  In horse racing, Bart Cummings has been synonymous with winning and success.  He can be considered an elite coach with his 12 victories in the running of the Melbourne Cup.  The holder of more than 700 stake victories, Cummings can be seen as an extremely successful coach in a sport where coaching is a challenging endeavor.  These Australian coaches are seen as successful because they were able to transform what was possible in their respective sports.  They embody the tenets of skilled knowledge in their sports as well as understanding what it takes to win at a high level. This combination is what makes them elite coaches.