Who almost kills Montag while he's on his way to Faber's house?Clearly explain why he wasn't killed.

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montag is on the subway headed for Faber's house. He is numb, and he suddenly realizes that he is sitting on the subway with the Bible open in his hands.  He had a silly thought that if he read fast enough, he could commit some of what was in the Bible to memory because when Beatty showed up, the Bible would be destroyed. He willed himself to memorize the Bible.  However, the subway had an advertisement for Denham's Dentifrice playing and while Montag was trying to memorize the "Lilies of the Field", his mind was constantly interrupted with the advertisement. He finally stands up and yells, "Shut up, shut up, shut up"  The inhabitants of the train are really shocked, and they back up from him, thinking that he has gone insane.  Someone yells "Call the guard" and just then the train comes into Montag's stop, "Knoll View".  Montag doesn't move right away, and the doors of the subway open and then start to close.  He jumps out at the last minute and runs through the tunnels.  The next scene is at Farber's house.  No one person or thing has tried to kill Montag during this time.   In my edition of the book, this happens on pages 78-80.  You may have a different version of the book, but the pages should be in close proximity to this.

maccamz | Student

the answer above is wrong it is the children that try to smash him with their car. p.127-129 you can read then answer on your own. I'm in grade 10 as well, and in a french school. If I can you can buddy.