Who are all the people Hannah Baker blames for her death and why were they blamed?

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The thirteen people she names in the tapes are all people who she felt betrayed her.

1. Justin: 1st kiss... snowball effect

2. Alex: listed Hannah in the "who's hot and who's not list"

3. Jessica: her 1st friend, but later betrays her

4. Tyler:  a boy who stalked her and took pictures of her

5. Courtney: a classmates that "uses" Hannah

6. Marcus: Valentine's date went bad at Rosies

7. Zach: A student Hannah thinks is hitting on her. He was at Rosies during the Valentine's day incident.

8. Ryan: printed Hannah's private poem without permission

9. Clay Jensen. (She says he doesn't belong on her list.)

10. Justin Foley: 1st kiss... 1st reason...

11. Jenny Kurtz: A cheerleader that killed a senior citizen after a party

12. Bryce Walker: A classmate that was at the party. He was vulgar to Hannah.

13. Mr. Porter: He was her counselor. She mentioned suicide and he did nothing to stop her.

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