The Road to Memphis Questions and Answers
by Mildred D. Taylor

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Who are all the characters in The Road to Memphis?

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The Road to Memphis employs several main characters, along with many side characters. The characters who are most essential to the plot of the story are listed below.

Cassie Logan is the novel's protagonist and teenaged narrator. She is a member of the group traveling to Memphis and recounts the story from her point of view.

Statler Aames, Leon Aames, and Troy Aames are brothers and the story's main protagonists. They are hostile toward black people and purposefully start fights with them. The...

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hmac | Student

In The Road to Memphis, the Logan family consists of:
• Cassie Logan, the 17-year-old female narrator

  • Stacey Logan, Cassie’s older brother (Heads-up: This is a male!)
  • Christopher-John Logan, Cassie’s younger brother.
  • Clayton Chester Logan (aka Little Man), the youngest Logan brother
  • David Logan, father of Cassie and her siblings
  • Mary Logan: Cassie’s mother (and the mother of the other Logan kids); also David’s wife
  • Caroline "Big Ma" Logan, Cassie’s grandmother (David’s mother)
  • Uncle “Hammer” Logan: Cassie’ uncle (her father’s brother)
  • Oliver Reams: Cassie’s cousin

Other characters include Statler Aames, Leon Aames, Troy Aames, Solomon Bradley, Ma Dessie, Clarence Hopkins, Wade Jamison, Harris Mitchum, Sissy Mitchum, Charlie Simms, Jeremy Simms, Moe Turner, and Willie Wiggins.

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  • Cassie
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i think the characters are somebody in her family.