Who attended Gatsby's parties in The Great Gatsby?In The Great Gatsby, I believe there is a list of who came to the parties.  I need to know who attended the parties throughout the book.

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That is a vast list from both East Egg, West Egg, and beyond!  Let me begin with the most important in regards to the novel itself:  Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Nick Carraway.  However, as Nick relates at the beginning of Chapter 4:

Once I wrote down on the empty spaces of a timetable the names of those who came to Gatsby's house that summer. (61)

The list of names, then, is contained within that same chapter.  Those who came to Gatsby's parties from East Egg are as follows:  the Chester Beckers, the Leeches, Bunsen, Doctor Wbster Civet, the Hornbeams, the Willie Voltaires, the Blackbucks, the Ismays, the Chrysties, Edgar Beaver, Clarence Endive, the Cheadles, teh Schraeders, the Abrams, the Fishguards, the Snells, the Dancies, S. B. Whitebait, Maurice Flink, the Hammerheads as well as Beluga (and his girls).  Those who came to Gatsby's parties from West Egg are as follows:  the Poles, the Mulreadys, Cecil Roebuck, Cicil Schoen, Gulick, Newton Orchid, Eckhaust, Clyde Choen, Don Schwartze, Arthur McCarty, the Catlips, the Bembergs, Muldoon, Da Fontano, Ed Legros, James Ferre3t, the De Jongs, Earnest Lilly, Klipspringer, Gus Waize, Horace O'Donavan, Lester Myer, George Duckweed, and Francis Bull.  There was also a clan that came from New York and elsewhere:  the Chromes, the Backhyssons, the Dennickers, Russel Betty, the Corrigans, the Kellehers, the Dewars, the Scullys, Belcher, the Smirkes, the Quinns, Henry Palmetto, Benny McClenahan (and his girls), Faustina O'Brien, Ms. Baedeker, Brewer, Albrucksburger, Miss Haag, Ardita Fitz-Peters, Mr. Jewett, and Miss Claudia Hip.

Further details can be found about many of these people in the confines of Chapter 4.  For example, the people from East Egg (who are known to be "old money") are most often referred to by family while the people from West Egg (who are known to be "new money") are referred to by specific name.  No matter what, one can admit that Nick was quite observant!

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did you even read the book! Gosh you should have known about the list, and (aproximatly) where it was. If you where doing a project(or something on it you must of had a copy . . . :P