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So far as I know, there is no person named Aldualda Gloria.  I do not know of anyone named Gloria Aldualda either.  I believe that you are probably asking about the late author Gloria Anzaldua.   I have therefore moved this question to the section on her.

Gloria Anzaldua was a radical scholar and writer.  She focused on issues having to do with her experience as a Chicana and as a “queer” person.  She was also a feminist.  She wrote and edited books of prose and she wrote poetry as well.

Anzaldua was born on a ranch in the Rio Grande Valley to parents who were of Spanish and Native American descent (mestizo) and whose ancestors had been living in Texas since before it was part of the United States.  She felt that she was an outsider in the US due to her ethnic heritage and she felt uncomfortable within the Chicano community because of its strict and conservative views on gender roles.  These factors helped cause her to become a writer who focused on issues of identity and belonging.

Gloria Anzaldua, then, was (she died in 2004) a scholar and writer who focused on issues of feminism, queerness and sexuality, and Chicana identity.

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