Who affects kip and how do they affect him? In more joy in heaven

marizi | Student

Kip Caley is a convicted bank robber who portrays the parable of a prodigal son and reflects the true story of Red Ryan. The people who affect Kip are the following:

1. Father Butler - He is the ministering priest in a prison where he met Kip and shows him a way to be reborn as a good person. He plays a major influence on Kip's good deeds/intentions towards his fellow inmates that allows him to become a model prisoner and receive parole.

2. People who enjoy the fast-track world (entrepreneurs, political opportunists, and thrill seekers) - These are the people who tempt Kip to go back to his erroneous ways and vices like gambling, heavy drinking and prostitution.

3. Julie - A waitress and love interest of Kip who loved him that has nothing to do with his ill reputation. Though their love is not strong enough to overcome the difficulty in his life.

4. Judge Ford - He is a pain in the neck for Kip. He sentences Kip's imprisonment, opposes Kip's early release from prison, and vetoes  Kip's chance for the member position in the parole board (Kip's dream).

5. A bishop of the church -The one who focuses on the power of institution that influences Kip to mix socially with higher status instead of being a guidepost in continuing his better way of life.

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