Who are the 8 main characters in A Week in the Woods?

Expert Answers

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. Mr. William Maxwell - ruggedly handsome, tall, brown hair, clear blue eyes, and a strong jawline. He is the science teacher. An environmentalist, he schedules a week in the woods for his students at the end of the term. He breaks his ankle after Mark runs off and he searches for him.
  2. Mark Robert Chelmsley - He has moved from Scarsdale, New York to New Hampshire and assumes he will hate the new location; however, he grows to likes the huge farmhouse that has been redecorated and discovers a room for escaped slaves. He loves exploring on the many acres that belong to his family, as well, even camping outside one night. At Hardy Elementary School, Mark is bored because he has attended private schools and has learned more than the students at Hardy. But, he makes friends eventually and becomes more interested. 
  3. Jason Frazier - A sarcastic boy that makes friends with Mark. On the trip to the campground, Jason shows Mark his knife. Mr. Maxwell catches Mark with this knife and assumes it belongs to him. Mark will not reveal that Jason is the owner, so he is subject to discipline; Mr. Maxwell says he must leave camp, but Mark runs off.
  4. Anya - From Russia, she is the housekeeper for the Chelmsleys and tries to be a substitute mother for Mark.
  5. Leon - Anya's husband, who is the groundskeeper and gardener. He drives Mark to school.
  6. Robert and Elosie Chelmsley - Mark's parents
  7. Mrs. Leghorn - Mark's math teacher at Hardy Elementary
  8. Mrs. Farr - History teacher who assists Mr. Maxwell with the Week in the Woods 
  9. Mrs. Stearns - Reading teacher at Hardy
ssarfraz | Student

Following are the 8 main characters:-

  1. Mark
  2. Mr. Maxwell
  3. Leon
  4. Anya
  5. Mrs. Farr
  6. Mrs. Stearns
  7. Jason
  8. Mrs. Leghorn