Who are the four young women in The Possessed that are romantically involved with Stavrogin that are important to the plot as well? Also their origins, class, distinctive features?

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Stavrogin secretly marries Marya Timofyevna Lebyadkin, a cripple with a weak mind who becomes the victim of Stavrogin's determination to show his disdain for social conventions. She is Captain Lebyadkin's sister.

Marya Ignatyevna Shatov is the wife of Ivan Shatov. She returns to her delighted husband pregnant, but it's implied the child isn't his, but Stavrogin's.

Stavrogin is also briefly romantically involved with Lizaveta Nikolaevna Tushin. A high-spirited woman who defies convention, she takes interest in the revolutionary group's proposed magazine. Her one unsatisfactory night with Stavrogin results in her death when enraged villagers get word of her connection with him. 

Stavrogin finally asks Darya Paulovna Shatov, sister to Ivan Shatov, to run away with him. The shy, pretty girl serves as a companion to Liza. Varvara Petrovna intends to wed her to Stephan Trofimovitch, but Darya has already fallen in love with Stavrogin. He kills himself before they leave.

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