Whirligighi i am reading the book whirligig and i doent get anything that i am reading can i have a summery for each chapter thanks  

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The story is about a teen-aged boy, Brent, who has to face the consequences of foolish actions. He is overwhelmed by true moral guilt and is shown the way to atone and make some sort of amends for the consequences of his actions. Through this path of atonement and reparation, he deeply learns that all actions and choices have consequences and that the consequences match the action and choice: good actions and choices result in good consequences; bad or destructive actions and choices result in bad or destructive consequences.

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Sometimes it does help to read a summary.  However, keep in mind that reading a summary is not the same as reading the book.  You can read the summary, then read the chapter.  That will increase your comprehension.  I was unable to find a free chapter by chapter summary though.

I also suggest writing down specific questions you have as you go.  You can ask them here!

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