While tragic in the end, is any hope suggested in William Styron's Sophie's Choice?

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I would say that while the ending is fairly bleak, I would say that the Stingo might represent the hopeful element in the story.  After hearing Sophie's testimony of what was endured  in the camps, Stingo's love for Sophie does not waver.  This could be a very hopeful element in that love can be felt towards those who survived the most horrific of circumstances.  At the same time, when Stingo, armed with his love for her, reads the poem over the graves of both lovers, the idea of a morning "excellent and fair" could help to provide hope, light for the darkness experienced is another sign of hope.  In the end, Stingo lives with the memories of Sophie, and emerges with these memories only.  While Sophie's memories are horrific, filled with doubt, pain, and guilt, there might be some hope in that Stingo's memories are not comprised of the same elements.  These might be attempts to find hope in a paradigm where little is evident.

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