While this IRS position is seasonal, representatives are called back each year. Does working for the Federal government seem appealing and why?

Expert Answers
cawells1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Working for the federal government can be a dream job for many, depending upon what they want to achieve.

One appealing aspect of working for the federal government is that it can lead to other opportunities in federal, state and local government career opportunities.

Clearing the background check means your initial government clearance may open opportunities for other positions that require higher clearance levels, especially for those employed to work with sensitive information. During this time as a seasonal worker, you can begin networking and begin asking questions about how the application process for permanent opportunities works.

If the seasonal position confirms your place on the call-back list each year, that is definitely a big plus for government work, especially if you know you will need extra income.

Are you considering relocating? While you are a seasonal worker, investigate other positions in other states that you may be considering relocating to. Talk to a recruiter or the human resources department about the requirements for internal transfer or about the internal applicant bidding process.