While Chris has been dubbed the leader of the four boys, the story reveals the power that Gordie holds over the gang through his gift of writing.Explain why Gordie is really the leader of the gang...

While Chris has been dubbed the leader of the four boys, the story reveals the power that Gordie holds over the gang through his gift of writing.

Explain why Gordie is really the leader of the gang in the novel the body stephen king. include some quotes. essay type of question. include 3 main points and a conclusion if you can.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gordie does hold a great deal of control over the boys in the gang.  I will give you the broad elements and tell you where you can find evidence to support this.

The largest reason Gordon holds a level of sway over the group is with his power of writing and telling stories.  The story of Lard Ass is a great example.  The boys turn to Gordie to tell them a good story and this allows him to have power in the group.  When Gordie is telling the story of Lard Ass Hogan, for example, the boys are hanging on his every word, transfixed on his story.  Go back to this scene and see how King describes it and how the boys react to both the story and its ending.  It seems like they want more from Gordie in telling his story.

Another reason why Gordie possesses power in the group is that he is seen as the smartest.  Find evidence where this element is revealed.  The boys have a feeling that Gordie "is going to make it" and will do great things.  The other three feel there are distinct reasons why they will not "make it," and why Gordie will.  Teddy's emotional and chaotic mental state is something of which even he is aware.  Vern is seen as slightly dull intellectually and even he is aware of his inability to align things properly, ie. losing the treasure map to his pennies.  Chris realizes that he will not be given a shot by anyone because he is seen as a troublemaker and his father enjoys being abrasive to him.  Gordie, with his talent, and sense of self is seen as the one of the gang who will find success out of it, and in this, he holds power.  I think you can find evidence where the boys, especially Chris, believe this.

The last reason why Gordie holds power over the gang is because of his relationship with Chris.  The dynamics of the group may defer to Chris in a public setting, but I think all of them realize that Chris' close friendship to Gordie actually reveals a source of strength regarding Gordie. There are situations in the book where we see Chris turn to Gordie for guidance and where Chris exudes a genuine amount of respect for Gordie.  This is most evident when Chris challenges himself by taking the college prep classes with Gordie's help, ultimate proof of his leadership in the gang.  Another reason that can be used as to Gordon's power in the gang is that all of the boys realize that Gordon has been given a truly raw deal.  The fact this his brother dies and that his parents are in such grief that the elder son, the one they loved more, is dead, and as a consequence, discard Gordie is one that the boys come to respect as representing true difficulty.  Even though the other three might have parents that are abrasive and out of control, there seems to be a differently level of respect for a kid whose parents have no affect towards them.  The boys generate a healthy respect for Gordie's double blow:  The death of his brother, and the emotional death of his parents.

Your conclusion should reffirm Gordon's leadership role as being the narrator, he is the leader of the story of the gang.  This leadership role was felt by the boys and the reader.