Which of the following is true of the Whigs in the Second American Party System? A. Drew support from farmers and the urban workers. B. Opposed federal funding of transportation projects C. Opposed protective tariffs. D. Supported federal funding for education and social reform. E. Supported a laissez-faire approach to managing the economy.

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The only correct answer here is D.  All of the others are false.

The Whigs were a party that sprang up to oppose Andrew Jackson.  Since Jackson was the president of the "common man" it makes sense that the Whigs were more of a party of the elite.  They drew their support from merchants and people like that in the North and the rich and slaveowners in the South.  That means A is wrong.

B, C and E are related to one another.  If E is true, then B and C must be true also because B and C would be part of a laissez-faire approach.  This is something you should watch for on multiple choice questions -- if E is true, that makes B and C true and they can't all be the right answer.

That leaves D.  The Whigs were a party that believed in government involvement in various things.  They wanted the government to help improve the economy (why E is wrong) and they wanted it to help improve society as well (why D is right).

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