Death of a Salesman Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman book cover
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Which son seems to be right in their final assessment of their father at the funeral - Biff or Hap?

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Biff believes that Willy died not knowing what he wanted or who he was. Biff says, "Charley, the man didn’t know who he was.” Hap disagrees and says that he'll, "show you and everybody else that Willy Loman did not die in vain. He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have – to come out number-one man.” I think that Hap is right. Willy knew what he was, and he tried to get there by being a salesman, by being a father and a husband, but he dared to hope and dream, and the dreams didn't come through for him. If you think like Hap and look at Willy like a tragic hero, looking back to his flashbacks Willy was a good father, stable, a provider, it seems that recently he has fallen on hard times, that he couldn't get out of. Willy, like all tragic heroes, was fighting with forces that were stronger than he, and finally succumbed.

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