Which words in the last four lines are congruent with the religious/nature words in the previous lines? How does the diction add to the feeling of the poem?

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"Breathless with adoration; the broad sun
Tis sinking down in its tranquillity;" 4 (Wordsworth)


"Thou liest in Abraham's bosom all the year; 12
And worshipp'st at the Temple's inner shrine," (Wordsworth)

Wordsworth expresses a similar feeling when he reflects on the majesty of the sun and its relationship with God and how it sinks into the inner sanctum.

The girl is also close to God; she is held close to Him even without her knowledge, and she has divinity within her.

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Words from the last four lines that are congruent with the words you have listed are:  nature, divine, worshipp'st, Abraham, Temple, God.  

Diction is a literary term that means word choice, so in this case, Wordsworth's diction reinforces the comparison of nature and religion.  The two are intertwined and Wordsworth believed that nothing but God could have created the beauty and divinity of nature.  The poem's tone is one of serenity and reverence.  The narrator is thankful for what he is experiencing.

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