Which website do you visit everyday for music?(I prefer http://www.reviewcatalogue.com for Bollywood music with reviews.)

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I don't visit any web site daily, but when I do buy music it's from my iPhone. I use iTunes. Before I had an iPhone I used Rhapsody and a couple of other services. I like paying by the song, even if it costs more at first, because I bought a lot of songs in the beginning and haven't really bought any since.
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I'm going to guess that most people today are using either iTunes or Pandora radio for music on a daily basis.  Obviously iTunes is not a site for free music, but because of the widespread use of iPods and other computer generated music devises, it offers the best selection and most reliable download.

Pandora Radio is another popular place to listen to free music.  Though there is no function for downloading music onto an external device or save music to your hard drive (this site is the same thing as listening to the radio online), I think most people like the way it "finds" music tailored to the individual based on a few personal suggestions and reviews.

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For bollywood music,I use in.com. They are several sites you can search with Google until Google Music comes here and beyond.


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Mate there are variuos sites you can visit i use


search and listen. it is easy its like 123

hope this help ; )