In what ways is the Pyrumus and Thisbe play unsuitable for a wedding celebration? Are there other ways the play might be appropriate? Help me please. 

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What might make the Pyramus and Thisbe play inappropriate for a wedding celebration is the fact that it is not a comedy.  It is a tragedy much like Romeo and Juliet.  Both Pyramus and Thisbe die in the play.  The fact that Theseus wants to see this play after his wedding celebration is ironic and humorous at the same time, particularly since the artisans bungle the play :-).  The play is appropriate because Pyramus and Thisbe's plight is very similar to Lysander and Hermia's.  Both couples are deeply in love and both face opposition from family members that threaten the success of their love.  If anything, the play provides a moral...that true love cannot be suppressed, but if it is, the consequences of doing so can be tragic.

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