In which ways is Oceania in "1984" a totalitarian state?maybe about 3-5 examples please? thank you

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, first, you have the policing.  There is no privacy whatsoever in that the party controls everything.  They do this through these means:  1. the telescreens, 2. the thought police  3. the Big Brother posters which convey a feeling of always being watched  and 4. the Nazi Youth who are taught to spy on their parents and neighbors.

There is also the total control at the job sites and the 2-minute Hate.  Every aspect of an individual's life is controlled to the point he is told what to think and when to think it.  Even exercise is supervised and mandated.  In addition, no one knows who to trust since all loyalty and bonds to other human beings have been severed.

Certain items are off limits for party members such as books, pens, ink, make up, razor blades and anything not provided by the Party.

Of course, there is always the fear of sleep walking, talking in one's sleep, committing thought crime and ending up in the Ministry of Love's Room 101.  Fear is an absolute for totalitarian stands in for them on the few occasions that they aren't really watching or listening.  It keeps the masses in check.


  • no privacy- telescreens and children snooping around- constant monitoring
  • brainwashing via things like the 2 minute hate, having people on constant schedules so that they don't get much time to have their own thoughts using propaganda and bandwagon to their advantage
  • not allowing people to have their own opinions but rather punishing them for even the slightest thought crime.