Slavery and Servitude in the Colonies

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Which US colonies participated in the triangular trade?

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Depending upon the scope of participation, all of the colonies participated in the triangular trade at some point. Most states had an important port that could be used for the importation and auctioning of slaves from West Africa. This direct participation occurred in many colonies in the North and South. Every colony used slavery in its economic model, though interestingly Georgia was initially founded as colony that would ban the use of slaves. The initial founding was based upon the idea that these individuals, on the border of Spanish Florida, needed to remain hardy and strong, requiring individuals to labor for themselves. This later gave way to the use of slavery because profitability was low.

In addition to the direct trade, New England engaged in a second triangle trade route where slaves were transported to the Caribbean to grow sugar, which was imported to New England to distill rum, which was then used as a trade good for slaves in West Africa.

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