Which urban problems were most acute and what different solutions were proposed by the leading religious figures and social reformers

naldskee27 | Student

Nowadays, as we can see the urban problems that most of the people are facing are the following.

1. Lack of discipline in throwing garbages.

2. Alcohol drinking in both men and women that eventually cause different fights in the streets.

3. Pre-marital sex (school youth) that causes unwanted pregnancy and trouble in the part of both who are engaged or committed in it.

4. Drug addictions that eventually lead to many crimes (stealing and killing).

5. Protests against the community officials even they usually do their part to contribute in community development.

 Religious leaders and social reformers had both proposed different strategies to counteract or resolve the root of the problem. Some of them proposed to conduct individual, parent or family counseling (to enlighten them or teach them what the right things to do). They also proposed to involve the whole community in planning for the community development. Lastly, they usually proposed to conduct a whole community fellowship to teach them Godly principles that will indeed change them.