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In The Importance of Being Earnest which union -Jack's with Gwendolen or Algernon's with Cecily proves to be more likely to succeed?

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Using evidence from the playThe Importance of Being Earnestas far as the traits of all four characters involved, Jack with Gwendolen, and Algernon with Cecily, the chances of any of the two couples to succeed is quite low if we judge the relationships from the moral and sanctimonious standards of middle class Victorian London.

Yet, judging from the perceptions of each character regarding love, commitment, and morality, Jack is the least likely character to fail because all throughout the play he had demonstrated a consistent devotion towards Gwendolen. After all, the play itself is about Jack's struggle to comply with Lady Bracknell's request of "finding a relation" in order to accept him as a future son-in-law. Therefore, Jack is the type of man that is willing to put up with...

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