Which type of chemical reaction is CuCO3 `->` CuO+CO2 ?

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dcbiostat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although I question whether or not the given reaction would actually occur, this chemical reaction can be classified as is a decomposition reaction.  It is a decomposition reaction because CuCO3 is being broken into two smaller particles, CuO and CO2.

Chemical equations can be identified as being either decomposition, combination (synthesis), combustion, single replacement, or double replacement reactions. Here is an explanation of each type of chemical reaction.

During a chemical reaction, the bonds of the reactants are broken. The atoms of the reactants are then rearranged to form new products. According to the law of conservation of matter, matter cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore, chemical equations are balanced so that there are equal numbers of each type of atom on either side of the equation.