Which two temperature changes are equivalent?Multiple Choice: A) 1 K = 1 F degrees B) 1 F degrees = 1 C degrees C) 1 C degrees = 1 K D) none of the above

neela | Student

The conversion relation between Centigrade and Kelvin scale is given by:

C/100 = ( K+273.15)/100

Both C anf K increase or decrease together.

The change  one  degree in C scale  is equal to the change of  one Kelvin change in Kelvin scale.

A change by t  degree in C scale is also a change of t in kelvin scale.

Change of 1 degree C    = Change of one kKlvin


krishna-agrawala | Student

In measurement of temperature the two most common scale are Celsius with symbol C and Fahrenheit with symbol F. In addition these days for a third system called Kelvin with symbol K is used for scientific purposes.

The magnitude of each degree in K and C are same. However in K the 0 temperature is taken as the absolute zero, while that in C the 0 temperature is taken as melting point of ice into water.

In K system the temperature of melting of ice/water is 273.15. Thus:

K = C + 273.15.

From this discussion it is clear that option D) of the question is correct.