Which two short stories in the collection would connect together the best, specifically in which aspect?

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In Viet Thanh Nguyen's short story collection, The Refugees, the two stories that have similar themes are "I'd Love You to Want Me" and "The Americans." While the entire collection of stories deal with complex family relations and the balance between diaspora culture, and the culture or memories left behind in Vietnam, the two stories mentioned seem to be interconnected thematically more so than the others. For instance, the primary theme in both stories examine the sacrifice an individual makes to care for a loved one.

In "I'd Love You to Want Me," the wife of an Alzheimer's patient cares for her husband despite believing he loved another woman from his past. In the "The Americans," an American father and his half-Vietnamese daughter argue about her decision to live in Vietnam, but in the end we see her helping him after he is struck with illness. The American father, presumably a veteran of the Vietnam War, and the husband in "I'd Love You to Want Me" are both haunted by the past. The women in both stories seem to be the strongest members in the household, and help the men as they become weaker with their respective illnesses.

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