Which two friends influence Wes (the author) the most in The Other Wes Moore? Cite scenes from the book and explain how they had an impact on Wes's education.

Many different people influence Wes Moore's educational journey, but some possible options for consideration include Justin, Shea, and Cadet Captain Ty Hill. Each of these characters meets Wes when he is entering a new environment, and each character teaches him something about the world around him and how to navigate it.

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One of the central themes of The Other Wes Moore is that the relationships a person cultivates throughout their life—especially those built during youth—can completely change the course of that person’s life. Wes Moore—the author of the book—notes that his life may have turned out quite differently if not for a blend of luck, fate, and supportive loved ones. Indeed, it is through the help of friends, mentors, and family members that the troubled Moore ultimately achieves his later successes. As a result, it is difficult to pinpoint precisely which relationships are the most formative for Moore’s education. The following represent some possible answers:

  • Justin : Justin is one of the only other Black students at Riverdale. He excels academically, and he goes against the recommendations of the faculty by befriending Moore. The two boys develop a close friendship that continues on past Moore’s transfer to Valley Forge military school. Moore respects and admires Justin’s maturity...

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