Which is true regarding the following graph: a) The range = {YER | y > -4} b) The range = {YER} c) The range= {YER |  > -2} d) None of the above

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You need to draw parallel lines to x axis and you need to notice if these parallel lines intercepts the graph and y axis in the same time.

You should notice that the parallel line to x axis, that intercepts the end point of the curve, located under x axis, intersects y axis at `y = -4` .

The image shows that the point having the coordinates `x = -2, y = -4` is located on the curve.

Hence, the range of the given function contains all the y values, thus the range is `y >= -4` .

Hence, selecting the accurate answer from the four options provided, yields that d) None of the above, is the valid answer.